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List of videos i.e Joslyn’s Mind-Blowing Closet MAKEOVER!! (Beauty Break), Disney Villains Go To IN-N-OUT! (Lunchy Break), Our FAVORITE Halloween Costumes! (Dirty Laundry), Trying PRUNE Perfume w/ Anjelah Johnson! (Beauty Break), We Become DISNEY VILLAINS!! Halloween Makeup Transformation (Boo-ty Break), Buying $125 Szechuan Sauce Off Craigslist (Lunchy Break), HOCUS POCUS DAY at the Clevver Office!!! (Lunchy Break), Playing With a PUPPY! ft. Adelaine Morin (Beauty Break), We Got Transformed into the Hocus Pocus Witches! (Boo-ty Break), We Got Denied Manicures!? ft. Jay Alvarrez (Lunchy Break), Lip Gloss as Nail Polish!? (Beauty Break), Learning How Lipstick is Made at the ColourPop Factory! (Beauty Trippin) etc

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